How agile development can give organizations competitive edge

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Agile development has taken the software development community by storm as the go-to method for creating valuable, functional team based products. Some of its identifiers are pair programming and putting teamwork over rules.

Plainly, this is the strategy of treating employees with respect and working as a unit to achieve a unified goal. In this article, we will explain what it takes to make your business agile so that you can work happier and be ahead of the trend.

Agile methodologies are far more than just a list of rules. Agile principles embody a philosophy. It has been used to great effect and many companies around the world now want developers who can work in an Agile environment. It can be simply defined as an adaptive work environment rather than a blind timetable led slog to feature release.

This strategy of development requires cooperation in order to work and favors those who can quickly adjust to a new problem or request.

Fortunately, the agile method can also be adapted for use in other industries as well. The nature of agile theory is to bond teams, and sometimes entire businesses, together towards a common goal.

The philosophy is that, no matter what is thrown at you, something can be made of value. Having an adaptive work environment can also bring out the enjoyment of work and prevent static rules and roadblocks from beating down team morale.

Agile is a philosophy born from the tech industry

This works especially well in the tech industry, especially when dealing with new technologies like Blockchain, for a number of reasons, namely that there are a lot of pedants working to make those environments unpleasant and rigorous. This, fortunately, is an unsuccessful way to run almost any businesses as it prevents ingenuity and uniformity.

Instead of fearing changelogs or criticism, the agile developers welcome it and work tirelessly to bring value to products over meeting deadline requirements.

Agile developers value collaboration and welcome change. In other words, they eschew traditional working values. Individuals come first. Teams self-organize. Developers and corporate people interact and communicate.

Why are Agile methodologies such a big deal in tech? Making it in the tech industry can be hard. Projects can get lost. Budgets can get devoured. It’s all very simple to lose track of it all when building a software product.

The agile principles, clearly laid out

We value “[i]ndividuals and interactions over processes and tools. Working software over comprehensive documentation. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Responding to change over following a plan,” reads The Agile Manifesto.
The Agile Manifesto is the seminal document that explains the guiding principles of the agile philosophy.

Basically, The Agile Manifesto recommends valuing collaboration, embracing change, and treating developers (and non-developers on the team) with an immense amount of respect.

The Agile Manifesto also emphasizes:
● Maintaining excellence
● Keeping a consistent pace
● Making things as simple and efficient as possible
● Meeting regularly and face-to-face

All in all, these principles are designed to help teams under tight budgets and deadlines streamline their processes. By embracing change in development and emphasizing the importance of constant communication, collaboration, and results-based reviews, a healthy, well-oiled machine is produced.


Ultimately, agile businesses emphasize trusting your team and working as a singular unit to achieve a broader goal. Its applications vary as the method can be used in a host of business models in order to create a friendlier work environment that can still stay efficient without losing out to draconian overlords and unsavory working conditions.

It is not a catch-all for bad management, but, the agile philosophy is one of complete cooperation and low criticism in order to foster confidence in each developer or engineer. It is a strategy of development that cannot be praised enough.

Even though it may not speed up development to astronomical levels, it will provide a meteoric rise of contentedness for your team and managerial staff. It does not take much to get involved and requires no upending to participate.

A happy developer is a good developer. Use the agile method to create a happier workforce and a more cohesive team for your business.

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