The demand for just about everyone in business to discover opportunities and address challenges along with answering questions they have about their organization continues to grow. Most organizations have become frustrated with the latency and costs of existing efforts to provide access and deliver the information and capabilities they need to be effective in managing processes and performance. I have seen this get worse not better in the last three years as the dependency on spreadsheets, presentations and email as the primary place for BI has created challenges for organizations. As well business has realized the limitations of what they can expect from IT in delivery of reports which is why they continue to use their business analysts as the center of their analytics and decision support needs avoiding IT.
I have had the opportunity to look closer at a technology supplier that delivers a unique set of analytic and decision making capabilities for business called eThority. Over the last year I have learned more about their company and technology but they are not new to the market as eThority has been delivering business technology for over 15 years. Their product from eThority and their enterprise edition is a fresh approach in the scope of design for business and using analytics to generate useful representation of metrics for gaining a better understanding of the organization through interactivity and intuitive representation.
The unique aspects of eThority are seen from the product itself as the usability and interactivity makes their analytics more intuitive and relevant for business users than most other BI products. This is supported by two of their patent pending technologies, User Obvious Interface and Low Entropy Architecture. The first is what eThority has done to address the usability that comes from their platform and design approach to provide intuitive graphical and analytic capabilities designed for business professionals. The product has a completely different look and feel as eThority did not use standard charts and controls but ones they built to help individuals measure and compare performance toward goals and targets in multiple types of interactive visualization. It is great to see how eThority can present and interact with metrics and make them the business currency that are greatly needed.
eThority has built a proprietary user design and presentation technology. It is what delivers their different approach in providing also a straight forward tool for business users and analysts and for the quick assembly of dashboards or scorecards, or just assembling analytics into a custom solution. Critical is that the design of their technology includes the building of eXtensions for providing capabilities that include functionality and analytics where they have provided ones called Budgeting, Commitment Management and Financial Centers. These are especially important as managing costs to budgets and specific business plans are an essential element of every business manager.
eThority has also invested into their architecture and design to support a new generation of usability and interactivity. They have designed their technology to share a common set of analytics in a secure manner through their role, hierarchy and content based access controls. They have also made it easy to add additional data sources as needed without having to do heavy lifting and have IT involved. This is also have they have made it easy to integrate budget or plan data with historical data to understand the direction of business.
eThority is focused on providing their analytics solution in any form that an organization requires to get up and deployed easily by supporting the on-premise, on-demand and even appliance to shorten the time for installation. The challenge for eThority will be to continue their focus on the needs of business and the analysts who support their users and not get distracted by IT efforts to standardize and control BI delivered to business. Further investments into supporting collaboration, mobility and other key aspects of how business needs to leverage eThority will be more important as their deployments expand across departments and business processes.
Most important is that eThority can address the largest challenge in organizations which is not BI and reporting that is mostly dominated by IT efforts, but help address the viral use of spreadsheets that have squandered time and increased the rate of errors found in business and verified by our benchmark research in spreadsheets. After the silos of spreadsheets are the volume of presentations that are created and emailed around that create data chaos and lack of consistent and shared information that can be trusted to make quality decisions. In fact our benchmark research on Decision Making and Performance Management found that organizations spend the majority of time using spreadsheets and email over reports and tools from IT. In fact our research found that business is most concerned and focused on creating metrics and KPI, presenting data effectively followed by collaboration and building review presentations. This can be eliminated by eThority who provides an easier approach in making the creation, distribution and access to analytics much simpler and effective for business.
eThority should avoid the majority of the discussion in the market on BI that has transitioned to IT where the focus on data warehousing and data infrastructure is consuming their time and budgets over the need for focusing on the usability and functionality for business. While this focus is important to improve the efficiency and decrease costs of managing data and analytics, eThority does not need to be held back by these efforts to deliver value directly to and for business. IT can play a supportive role and introduce new ideas and approaches like eThority to help their organization improve their competency and maturity of their business. eThority should continue their business focus and avoid the politics and processes that dominate BI and a lot of the chatter in the media that is all centered on IT organizations. Business will find the value of their analytics where they can deliver the ability to help management and the range of business to focus on improving performance. If your organization is looking for a fresh approach to providing analytics and performance management across the front office to the back office, eThority is one vendor and product you should not miss.