The need for workforce analytics has steadily been growing as HR organizations – and finance and operations groups, too – realize that the intelligence they have about employees and their performance is incomplete or even wrong. This has been clear to us since our original benchmark index on the topic several years back showed the lack of maturity in both processes and technology for understanding the workforce. While there are skilled professionals in HR, the reports and analysis they have to work with often are not timely or efficient to use.

A company called eThority is focused on changing this. It has been providing analytics and interactive technology for over 15 years and recently introduced a new application for HR called DataTalent. This application simplifies the assembly of dispersed employee data into a consistent view for analysis of and decision-making about employee performance, compensation, incentives, learning and even recruiting. DataTalent brings a fresh style of visualization that can make workforce analytics easy to perform and useful for reducing the costs and time many organizations expend in using spreadsheets, presentation and e-mail. DataTalent’s  unique capabilities allow business professionals and analysts to perform analysis, visualize the results and interact with them more fully than is possible with traditional charts and tables.

HR organizations recognize the problem of having employee data spread among a human resources management system (HRMS), payroll systems and spreadsheets as well as the span of talent management applications for rent in software as a service (SaaS) or what is now commonly called cloud computing. The need to have a dedicated platform and tools for performing workforce analytics and integrating employee data is becoming acute as management at all levels admits that the people in the organization are a critical asset that is not well measured or aligned to corporate and departmental goals. DataTalent makes it easier to integrate additional workforce data using PowerFields, a feature that offers visual integration of data and analytic computations and extensions. These capabilities could advance the maturity of workforce analytics in HR organizations. Now DataTalent will mature further as it gets further adopted but for a first release it brings the necessary basics to get off of spreadsheets and get on with being smart and effective in HR.

I have already reviewed eThority’s core product (See: “eThority Provides Intuitive Analytics and Insights for Business“), but an application dedicated to helping HR and others perform workforce analytics could make a difference in the field of workforce analytics. I also provided some perspective on why workforce analytics is so important to organizations (See: “Workforce Analytics: Do You Know How Much Your People Matter”). I believe that HR can feel more confident as the choices for understanding the workforce through analytics have expanded with DataTalent’s fresh approach to a critical need.

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