Artificial Intelligence Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery ... And Fear

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Pure AI is true intelligence that can mimic or exceed the intelligence of human beings. It is still a long way off, if it can even ever be achieved. But what if AI became pure — could perceive, think, act, and even replicate as we do? Look to humanity for the answer. Humanity has been both beautiful and brutal:

The beauty of ingenuity, survival, exploration, art, and kindness. The brutality of crime, war, and pettiness. What would pure AI grow up to be?

An equal, positive partner of humanity — the best of us? Or a self-serving technology that perceives humanity as a threat?

The spooky stuff aside, I firmly believe that all organizations (including governments) must formulate an AI strategy now. AI will enable organizations and individuals to do the things they have always been doing better and to do new things that they have always wanted to do. Donald Fagen, of Steely Dan fame, imagined in his 1982 “I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)” lyrics (hear the song - it's great) an AI future that you will develop if you choose to do so:

“A just machine to make big decisions Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision We’ll be clean when their work is done We’ll be eternally free yes and eternally young What a beautiful world this will be What a glorious time to be free”

(About the author: Mike Gualtieri is a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research serving application development and delivery professionals. This post originally appeared on his Forrester blog, which can be viewed here)

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