A developer’s perspective on merging AI and mobile app development

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What comes to your mind when you think about artificial intelligence or smart applications?

The very first thought probably prevails to Siri, Cortana and other assistance where hundreds of linguists and software engineers have dedicated their countless hours to build these services into responsive personal assistants to answer all your queries by tracking down info, sending texts, launching services, and much more.

The role of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the Internet of Things is significant in the paradigm shift from the website to mobile apps. Many of the mobile app development companies have already started to integrate these technologies into their array of development services.

Among all these futuristic technologies, artificial intelligence seems the more promising at helping developers come up with intelligent applications to function like humans. But still, even the experienced mobile app developers find this technology a little bit difficult to implement because of its complex functionality and immense scope.

Here are a few of the necessary skills that app developers need to integrate AI features efficiently into business mobile apps.

Optimized Translation

Artificial intelligence mobile apps such as simultaneous translation also gain benefits from AI and machine learning algorithms, whether in the dimension of performance or in the optimization of energy consumption by using a specific processing algorithm on 'ad-hoc' designed hardware tasks. AI also promises to contribute to achieving the ultimate target of goal translation for conversations in real-time.

Problem-solving techniques

Each mobile application is considered as a solution to business and customer's requirements but when it comes to artificial intelligence, the concept relies more on logical reasoning for solving problems.

It is generally known as automated reasoning in the domain and therefore the mobile app developers need to have high problem-solving skills to implement the advancements in AI more effectively. Hence, the mobile app development companies can make AI application for variant sectors, be it games, to education and retail, to manufacture by using automated reasoning.

Build Strong Algorithms

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can process and analyze all the available data to define the interrelationships which help AI-based mobile apps to make accurate predictions. Currently, the focus of AI technology remains on automated reasoning for optimized outcomes and achieving desirable conclusions.

Hence, mobile app developers should have capabilities to create an algorithm in line with the business model of the client. The algorithm should be powerful enough to collect the data and process on it to get some meaningful insights for the end users.

Service-related skills

The hottest topic these days is to decide what does a customer want and how can the organization provide it? When it comes to a business mobile app, relevant content and attractive features play an important role in making the end user happy. Mobile app developers should be capable of offering some user-friendly services along with the helpful content and real-time solutions of the problems.

Remember that app users believe that AI-based apps are highly appealing and if they identify any irrelevant or redundant information in your app then they might not associate with it on a long run.

Understanding User Behavior

Just like any business mobile applications, the AI-powered apps focus on providing a rich and pleasant experience. AI with ML, big data and natural language processing technologies has entered in the mobile era to provide a personalized experience to the user.

Developers need to ensure that the AI approach is fully reliant on the user's behavior patterns by keeping the users engaged and helping them access the app. The behavior pattern study allows the developers to offer unique features and solutions which are most suitable for the users. Learning user behavior can enable mobile app developers to ensure the effective integration of artificial intelligence.

An AI-based business app with rich features can be a game changer for the enterprise client. The abundance of startups working on new models to create an affordable AI integration into apps signifies that we are on the verge of a new era when artificial intelligence can be an additional service. This trend is definitely going to continue and so developers will have to adapt to their users with natural interfaces.

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