8 top trends impacting web development in 2019

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Its no secret that web development practices play a paramount role in the internet World. The continual development of technologies paves the way to set trends in web development. There are now over 200-plus million websites active.

In order to stand out from this crowd, you should implement innovative ideas and adopt the latest trends. You might already know about the web development trends such as augmented and virtual reality, single page applications and modern devices.

Now, 2019 brings innovations and best ideas in web development that ranges from artificial intelligence to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Here is a look at some of the most significant trends in web development.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the key components of digital transformation that has a huge impact on society. AI has been effectively used in various sectors and the trend will continue to grow in years to come.

Web developers are reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence in creating websites and providing support to clients. AI enables users to automate business process and give more time to focus on various tasks of an organization. AI is capable of increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.


Based on the stack overflow report, it is found that JavaScript is considered as one of the most famous languages for the previous six years. Web development services make use of JavaScript to create effective websites.

The change in frameworks, libraries and design of the JavaScript led to hold a great place in the web development market. This makes it one of the demanding programming languages in the year 2019.

Single Page Applications

Many web development companies have now created SPA websites. The SPA websites are simple to design, easy to navigate, and the available speed is a huge attraction for users. Single page applications are compatible in both desktop and mobile devices.

Motion UI

Motion UI is one of the major trends in 2019 that will yield a higher value for your website. Generally, the interactive motions are the best way to attract audiences. When you implement the motion UI in your website you can gain more visitors than the normal textual content thus increasing the user experience. Web developers can utilize its features in the websites to make it more powerful.

Voice Search

These days, people are making use of the voice search option to search for virtually anything in the browser. This great change from the textual search to voice search has paved the way to deploy this option in the websites.

Web application development companys are optimizing websites with the voice search option to create mobile-friendly experiences.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one among the web development trends that becomes the major component of a website. Push notifications are better than email newsletters as they can be managed more easily by both website owners and users.

Push notifications are widely used to know the latest updates like newly published content, special deals and customized promotions.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web apps are the best option to combine the browsers, websites and mobile application together. PWAs are nothing but a common website that works similar to native mobile applications.

Nowadays, web development companies are providing progressive web apps for users who want to increase conversion rates and user engagement. Since the progressive web apps are acting like the best of websites and mobile apps, it will rule the trends in 2019.


Cybersecurity is one of the common protection systems that has been trending the web development services since the emergence of cyber threats, data threats, hacking and data breaches.

The advancement of cyber security tools helps web developers protect websites from hacking. So, individuals, organizations and industries are implementing cybersecurity tools and practices to protect data.

Final Thoughts

These are the major web development trends to watch in 2019. In addition to these trends, you can expect innovative technologies such as AR, IoT, Voice UI and still more. Web development companies should be updated with these trends to meet customer satisfaction.

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