5 top data security and privacy technologies and leading vendors for each

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Technology is enabling companies to gather a high volume of data and making the analyzing process easier. However, as the adage goes “There are two sides to every coin.” If you find potential opportunities in these technologies, don’t overlook the challenges you’ll come across while using many of these tools.

So, data security has become one of the biggest challenges organizations face while exploring the emerging technologies in the market. Data management automation is basically called “DataOps” in the business world, which involves multiple technologies and processes to simplify the storage, access, collection and analysis of data.

According to a recent survey conducted by 451 Research Company, two- thirds of respondents cited security and compliance as the major challenges they face, followed by issues related to data quality, governmental control on disturbed data, access to internal data and data channel consistency.

Here are five top data security and privacy technologies to help organizations overcome data management challenges, as well as leading vendors within each category:

  1. Cloud Data Protection

In CDP, sensitive data is encrypted before it goes to the cloud, enabling you to maintain the key factors. It basically protects your information from unsolicited government surveillance and helps to eliminate some of the biggest worries with cloud adoption that includes compliance, security and other privacy concerns.

Some of the leading vendors of the same are as follows:

  • Cisco
  • Bitglass
  • CipherCloud
  • NetSkope

2. Big data encryption

This involves utilizing encryption and other tools to eliminate the redundant data in databases as well as data stored in the distributed computing structural design of big data platforms in order to shield personal privacy, accomplish compliance and trim down the impact of cyber attacks and unintentional data leaks.

Some of the leading vendors of the same include:

  • IBM
  • Micro Focus
  • Gemalto
  • Zettaset

3. Monitoring data access

This provides insights into what and where data exists and grants permission to data access and other activities, enabling organizations to streamline data access management and identify sensitive out of date data. There are tools that help to automate and address the challenges related to plain sailing of data protection, which include sensitive data discovery and cleaning up data access permissions to put into effect least data benefit, as data volumes increases.

Some of the leading vendors include:

  • Netwrix
  • Core Security
  • RSA
  • SailPoint

4. Data privacy management solutions

There are platforms that help to implement best policy processes and practices by meeting compliance requirement and commencing auditable workflows. More so, organizations can also opt for data management services that allow business owners to focus on what is important rather than sifting through redundant data and stressing out for data privacy.

Some of the leading companies that offer such platforms are:

  • Proteus- Cyber
  • Nymity
  • Trust Arc
  • OneTrust

5. Mapping data discovery and flow

It is important for organizations to scan data repositories and resources to identify existing sensitive data, classifying it adequately in order recognize compliance problems and take the right security control or make informed decisions concerning storage optimization, archiving, deleting, legal holds and other governance concerns. With the help of data flow mapping, you get an overview of how data is moving throughout various departments across your business.

Some of the leading vendors for these tools are:

  • BigID
  • IBM
  • Alex Solutions
  • Varonis
  • Dataguise

I agree with the fact that becoming a successful entrepreneur is not a cakewalk, but sustaining yourself in the agile market is much trickier. In today’s modern era, risk of data security is affecting the business growth. That’s the reason owners should be pre-equipped with the right security tools and privacy enrichment, which is necessary to protect your most valuable asset- data.

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