Vast majority of data security pros are pondering or planning a job change

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As if it weren't already hard enough finding skilled data security pros for existing job vacancies, a new study finds that the majority of cyber security workers (84 percent) are open to new opportunities or already planning a job search in 2018.

That is the message from a new report from (ISC)², a nonprofit membership association of certified cyber security professionals.
The study is based on a survey of 250 security professionals in the United States and Canada, conducted by Market Cube LLC on behalf of (ISC)² in December 2017.

Only 15 percent of respondents said they have no plans to switch jobs this year, while 14 percent plan to look for a new job and 70 percent are open to new opportunities.

The data suggests that unmet expectations between organizations and their cyber security workforce—during the hiring process and time on the job—combined with high demand for security skills and frequent contact from recruiters might be encouraging many professionals to consider new opportunities.

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“The cyber security workforce gap is growing rapidly, and turnover within cyber security teams makes filling those roles even more challenging,” said (ISC)² COO Wesley Simpson. “It is more critical than ever for organizations to ensure their recruitment and employment retention strategies are aligned with what cyber security professionals want most from an employer.”

When asked what’s most important for cyber security professionals’ personal fulfillment, 68 percent said they want to work where their opinions are taken seriously, 62 percent want to work where they can protect people and their data, and 59 percent want to work for an employer that adheres to a strong code of ethics.

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