Utilities and logistics the best-paying sectors for DBAs

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Database administrators looking to earn top dollar should look for a job in the utilities or logistics sectors, where average salaries are now $104,000 and $100,000 respectively.

That is among the findings of a new compensation study on DBA salaries by Redgate Software, which polled workers around the world on what their earnings are and where they work.

The study breaks down the top 10 industries for DBA salaries in the U.S., with expected pay rates as follows:

  • Utilities = $104,204
  • Logistics = $99,681
  • Industrial (including automotive) = $91,535
  • Retail and leisure = $89,640
  • Real estate = $89,937
  • Not for profit = $84,333
  • Healthcare = $83,104
  • Finance = $77,670
  • Services = $77,203
  • Technology provider = $72,627

The study also finds that DBAs in the United States earn significantly more than their counterparts elsewhere. While a DBA can expect to earn $94,000 in the U.S., pay rates drop by nearly $12,000 to number two New Zealand.

“This snapshot shows the best places to work if you want to be a well-paid DBA,” noted Steve Jones, Microsoft Data Platform VP with Redgate. “The message is clear – those in the U.S. and in the utility sectors have the highest average salaries, making them the top choices for experienced DBAs, while the UK lags behind the rest of Europe when it comes to take home pay.”

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