Tool Evaluates Cost, Performance Of Cloud

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Ideas International Ltd., a provider of enterprise IT research, analysis and tools to both user organizations and IT vendors, has launched CloudSizer, a Web-based tool for evaluating the cost and performance of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings

The company says CloudSizer uses RPE2, Ideas International’s server performance methodology, “to normalize the disparate performance of cloud compute instances from various public cloud providers, ensuring that users make apples-to-apples comparisons.”

The total cost, performance equivalence, and economics of cloud computing “are mired in obscurity, and these unknowns can slow its adoption,” Chris Gaun, research analyst at Ideas International, said in a statement. “By quickly and easily mapping the performance of specific physical servers to public cloud instances, users can reduce the uncertainty of selecting cloud services based on the exact needs of their workloads.”

CloudSizer takes customers’ usage patterns of physical servers into account when analyzing the cost and performance of various cloud services, giving them a more accurate assessment of their potential cloud costs. As a result, it will likely appeal to organizations looking to shift workloads from underutilized servers to the cloud.

The tool also considers the costs of cloud services in different currencies, making global pricing comparisons possible. “Meeting the economic imperative of balancing actual cloud costs with intangible benefits, such as improved business agility, requires the ability to objectively quantify the capabilities of cloud services, and here CloudSizer can help,” Gaun said.

A free version, CloudSizer Express, is available for performing basic analysis of cloud services. CloudSizer Pro, the fully functional offering, is priced at $299 for a three-month subscription.



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