The top master data management consultancies

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Interest in master data management is on the increase and that is driving a huge market for third party vendors to lead MDM projects, according to recent discussions at the MDM & Data Governance Summit held last month in San Francisco.

Organizations are looking to gain more value from their data assets, but MDM projects are generally huge efforts involving all business systems and processes, and large costs associated with that. Most organizations lack experienced talent to lead such efforts, and are forced to look outside.

As evidence, the hottest topics at this year’s MDM Summit were best practices for MDM implementation, the role of data governance in MDM projects, and how to select a systems integrator to lead MDM efforts.

Indeed, according to MDM Institute Chief Research Officer Aaron Zornes, “the recent buzz around MDM is rivaled only by the intensity with which systems integrators have ‘found MDM religion’.”

To illustrate the scope of MDM efforts, Zornes says the typical MDM project at a Global 5000 organization is around $1.2 million for software products, and three to four times that amount for vendors and systems integrators. Not surprisingly, the vendor community is aggressively trying to tap that market.

“MDM is one of the few remaining growth areas for both software vendors and systems integrators,” Zornes notes.

There are several areas where systems integrators can provide value to an MDM project, Zornes says. These include:

  • Identify and prioritize business functional requirements.
  • Recommend build versus buy solutions.
  • Provide a solution selection methodology that balances business and technical requirements.
  • Develop detailed request for proposals (RFP).
  • Evaluate and selection the right MDM solution vendors.

In terms of the actual implementation, systems integrators can provide value with the following, Zornes says:

  • Pilot the MDM solution and application integration.
  • Develop IT and business user communications in addition to training materials.
  • Define and establish user job roles, such as MDM project leads, and corporate or line-of-business data stewards.
  • Define metrics for return-on-investment or other measurements.
  • Structure change management and system tuning strategies.

Taking all of the above into consideration, Zornes offers the following five evaluation criteria for selecting an MDM systems integrator:

  • Data governance methodology and accelerators.
  • Industry-specific data model and experience and ETL mappings.
  • MDM product experience.
  • MDM project experience, including by industry or geography.
  • Next-generation MDM readiness and architecture design.

Finally, Zornes offered the MDM Institute’s picks for the top MDM consultants, both globally and by region. The lists are not ranked as “top 20” offerings, but presenting alphabetically as “20 top” selections. They are:

20 leading global MDM/DG consultancies

  1. Accenture
  2. BackOffice Associates
  3. BearingPoint
  4. Capgemini/iGATE Patni
  5. Cognizant
  6. Deloitte
  7. E&Y
  8. Genpact
  9. HCL Technologies
  10. IBM GBS/BAO/Digital & Lab Services
  11. Informatica Pro Services
  12. Infosys
  13. L&T InfoTech
  14. Oracle Pro Services
  15. PwC
  16. Tata Consultancy Services
  17. Tech Mahindra (Satyam)
  18. Utopia
  19. Winshuttle
  20. Wipro

20 leading European MDM/DG consultancies

  1. Adastra
  2. Affecto
  3. Arhis
  4. ATOS
  5. BAE Systems Implied Intelligence
  6. Business & Decision
  7. Camelot
  8. CGI-Logica
  9. eCentra
  10. Edifixio
  11. Entity Group
  12. Global Data Excellence
  13. Infodata
  14. Jibes
  15. Komtas
  16. Micropole
  17. Platon (Deloitte DK)
  18. SAP Professional Services
  19. Sopra Steria
  20. Tieto

26 leading North American MDM/DG consultancies

  1. Amberleaf Partners
  2. Amplifi Commerce
  3. AST/Serene
  4. Datasource
  5. Datum
  6. Entity Group
  7. eVerge Group
  8. First San Francisco Partners
  9. GlobalSoft
  10. HighPoint Solutions
  11. Hitachi/Sierra Atlantic
  12. IMT
  13. Information Asset
  14. InfoTrellis
  15. Infoverity
  16. Kingland Systems
  17. Knowledgent
  18. LiquidHub
  19. LumenData
  20. Northgate Information Services
  21. Perficient
  22. Prolifics (Stream Integration)
  23. SapienNitro
  24. Slalom
  25. SoftPath
  26. ZS Associates

8 leading Asia-Pacific MDM/DG consultancies

  1. Abeam (Deloitte JP)
  2. CSC (Computer Sciences Corp.)
  3. MIP
  4. Oakton
  5. People’s Liberation Army
  6. SMS Management
  7. Uteico
  8. Vinculum
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