The top 10 blogs and columns of 2017

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Of all the topics that bloggers and columnist wrote about for Information Management in 2017, by far the most popular were those touching on the changing role of the data scientist and how to best recruit them.

But there were plenty of other hot topics among the most popular opinion pieces. These included business intelligence, the General Data Protection Regulation, data lakes, artificial intelligence and data security.

In descending order, the top 10 most popular blogs and columns in 2017 were:

3 top mistakes hiring managers make with data scientists

Data engineers will be more important than data scientists

10 best practices for master data management

Why so many data lakes turn into swamps

Richness of exposed data makes Equifax breach among worse ever

Data science gets chic

AI is changing the skills needed of tomorrow’s data scientists

6 data modeling best practices for better business intelligence

A 9 step guide to prepare for GDPR compliance

Predictions 2018: 11 top trends driving business intelligence

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