The 5 cloud skillsets that will best serve tech workers in 2019

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Given the widespread move to cloud services underway today, it’s not surprising that there’s growing demand for a variety of cloud-related skills.

Earlier this year, IT consulting and talent services firm Akraya Inc. compiled a list of the most in-demand cloud skills for 2019:

Cloud security. Cloud security is a shared responsibility between cloud providers and their customers, the firm noted. That creates a need for professionals with specialization in cloud security skills, including those who can leverage cloud security tools.

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years cloud vendors have developed and expanded their set of tools and services that allow organizations to reap the benefits of ML and AI in the cloud. Companies need people who can leverage these new capabilities of the cloud.

Cloud migration and deployment within multi-cloud environments. Many organizations are looking to adopt multiple cloud services, and are looking for professionals who can contribute to their cloud migration efforts. Cloud migration has its risks and is not an easy process, the firm said, and improper migration processes often lead to business downtime and data vulnerability.

Serverless architecture. Underlying cloud server infrastructure needs to be managed by cloud developers within a server-based architecture. But today’s cloud consists of industry standard technologies and programming languages that help move serverless applications from one cloud vendor to another, Akraya said. Companies need expertise in serverless application development.

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