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Tech's high-risk 'hot spots' include several tied to data management trends

Research firm Gartner recently identified top risk “hot spots” for legal and compliance leaders for the next two years, and a number of these are related to data management.

The firm’s report is based on interviews with many of its clients and experts, and the responses of tens of thousands of individuals in multiple surveys.

One of the main categories Gartner looked at is “New Technological Applications Cause Clash of Efficiency and Ethics.” Organizations are increasingly able to create new capabilities and value through technological advancements using big data and analytics, the firm said.

But growth in these technologies continues to outpace clear regulatory and ethical consensus, it said, leaving organizations struggling to balance current value against the potential for crossing an as-yet undefined line.

The hot spots in the category include artificial intelligence (AI) implementation without clear guidelines; employee monitoring reducing trust; and growing consumer demands for data privacy.

In another category of the report, “Advances in Data Processing Heighten Risk to Businesses and Consumers,” Gartner noted that as both regulators and customers increase their attention to how organizations combine, analyze, and otherwise use information, data processing is on pace to surpass data collection as the primary source of privacy risk for organizations.

The hot spots include increasing use of biometrics as identifiers; the rising threat of de-anonymization; the emergence of data lakes; and the expanding definition of personal data.

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