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Survey: Disaster Recovery from Backup in 2 Hours?

A majority of organizations identify data backup and recovery as critical, yet most also think current methodologies for backup are incomplete, and most doubt they can fully recover data in the two-hour window, according to a survey of 453 IT and security professionals in the United States and Canada conducted online by Dimensional Research in October 2014.

The study also shows that current solutions for backup and recovery are complex, with 90% of IT professionals using multiple backup and recovery tools. Though a relatively low percentage of organizations are leveraging the cloud to protect their critical data and systems, about 90% see value in cloud-based backup and disaster recovery.

Seventy-nine percent of organizations say they have had a major IT failure within the past two years, and only 7% were confident that they could recover operations within two hours, according to the study, which was commissioned by cloud-based recovery services provider Axcient.

“Complete protection and recovery is imperative for all companies, regardless of size,” Diane Hagglund, senior research analyst at Dimensional Research, said in a statement. “Given the staggering complexity and limitation of traditional on-premise backup and recovery solutions, there is clear value in fully transitioning to a single, comprehensive cloud-based solution. Although cloud-based backup and recovery is still early in adoption, the recovery market is ripe for innovation, and cloud is the next frontier.”

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