Stanford Launches Bitcoin Security Education Course

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Stanford University this September will launch a course focused on cybersecurity and digital currencies like Bitcoin. The course debuts as IBM and other technology giants evaluate ways to embrace and promote digital currency technologies -- while continuing to address the evolving threat landscape.

Stanford's new course -- Crypto Currencies: Bitcoin and Friends (CS251) -- is part of the university's Cyber Security certificate program. The overall curriculum "provides a professional, technical and policy view of the challenges created by rapid advancements in information technology," Standard indicated.

"Qualifying students from around the world are able to access the program online. Four courses must be completed to be awarded the graduate certificate," the university added. "Video lectures, course materials and exams are available through the Stanford Center for Professional Development."

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Bitcoin, created in 2009, is a digital currency that involves no middlemen -- no banks, no transaction fees and no need to reveal your real name, notes CNNMoney. The digital currency has attracted plenty of discussion about security in and around the hacker community.

Bitcoin market capitalization has been on a roller coaster ride the past few years. But growing customer interest has inspired IBM and other IT companies to explore commercial opportunities and potential alternatives. Much of the focus has involved so-called Blockchain (a.k.a. Block Chain) technology -- which can refer to Bitcoin's transactional database and/or related cryptography-related security.

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