April 30, 2010 – Document management software specialists are enriching the product landscape and bringing more choice to customers seeking to address a broad range of content management challenges, according to a newly-released report from The Real Story Group (formerly CMS Watch).

Real Story's 2010 market analysis finds specialized document management products are challenging enterprise content management "mega-suite" providers, and focuses on the opportunities and risks that change brings to buyers of ECM and document management technologies.

The report contains separate cross checks to compare the product development and evolution of ECM suite vendors (e.g., IBM, EMC, Open Text, Autonomy) and narrower document management vendors (e.g., Alfresco, EVER, KnowledgeTree). The analysis does not identify "leading" vendors but seeks to identify fit and suitability for customer needs.

The study also finds continued consolidation at the top end of the document management market, that focused document management vendors continue to thrive and that international and nontraditional options (open source and cloud) will continue to disrupt both the ECM suite and document management markets.

Real Story Group founder Tony Byrne sees the ECM market as strong and continuing to grow. He advises prospective buyers to "look beyond the top-right quadrant" and be aware that many viable supplier options are available.

The full report is available to sample or purchase at the Real Story website.