Security pros complain the cloud obscures compliance issues

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Cyber security professionals lack the tools and processes they need to provide visibility in the cloud and better identify, investigate, and prioritize security and compliance threats for applications in the cloud, according to a new report by Dimensional Research.

For the study, sponsored by data analytics platform provider Sumo Logic, Dimensional Research surveyed 316 IT security professionals in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Africa in March 2018, and 93 percent said they faced challenges when deploying their current on-premises security tools in the cloud.

A majority (97 percent) also said they lack the tools, cross-functional collaboration, and resources to gain proper insight into security across the organization.

About half of the organizations (49 percent) said existing tools aren’t effective in the cloud and an overabundance of tools makes it almost impossible to prioritize IT and security investments. Almost as many (45 percent) said they couldn’t investigate threats in a timely matter because of poor integration capabilities.

Most of the survey respondents said with a move to the cloud it’s imperative to investigate threats at the application and infrastructure layers for complete visibility, 63 percent reported that broader technical expertise is needed when trying to understand threats in the cloud, and 54 percent said greater cross-team coordination is necessary.

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