The rise in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks as a tool to disrupt, harass and sabotage online businesses is boosting demand for mitigation solutions, according to Frost & Sullivan.

In the face of “universal vulnerability to attacks,” organizations are looking for cost-effective technology tools that can defend against the most sophisticated and large-scale attacks. The firm says the DDoS mitigation market earned revenues of $449.5 million in 2014 and estimates this will more than double to $977.2 million by 2019.

“The DDoS mitigation market is growing rapidly as the number and frequency of attacks increase,” said Chris Rodriguez, Frost & Sullivan network security senior industry analyst. “Furthermore, hacking techniques have evolved beyond simple SYN floods to sophisticated attacks that are amplified to relentless volumes or escape detection entirely.”

Basic low-cost DDoS defenses are not able to address such attacks, and this results in a strong demand for dedicated DDoS mitigation systems. But advanced solutions are expensive compared with basic DDoS mitigation practices, the firm says. In additionally, the size of DDoS attacks generated by use of amplification and reflection techniques can easily overwhelm onsite DDoS appliances.

“Vendors must continue research and development to provide DDoS mitigation solutions with higher efficacy, scalability, rapid response times, and supporting cloud services,” Rodriguez said. “New security features to detect and block the largest and most sophisticated threats will improve the value proposition of solutions.”