Progressive rolls out Google Home app

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Progressive Insurance has signed on to offer home and auto saving tips to customers on Google Home, the companies announced Monday.

The move adds to an industry-wide trend of insurers leveraging voice-assistants to connect with customers. Progressive’s top-tier competitors Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate have each rolled out skills on the Amazon Echo in the last six months. However, Progressive is the first insurance company to create an app for customers using Google’s voice-activated speaker.

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“While most people don't think about insurance much, when they do have a question, Progressive wants to make it as easy as possible for them to get help by being available where, when and how they want to interact with us,” said Dan Witalec, Progressive’s customer acquisition leader, in a statement.

Progressive says it will monitor the kind of questions users ask Google Home and make adjustments to its new platform as needed. To start, customers can get information on insurance policies, car and home buying tips as well as answers to smart home technology questions, the company says.

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