Please define data reconciliation and database reconciliation.

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Please define data reconciliation and database reconciliation. I also need a definition of data synchronization.


Chuck Kelley's Answer: Synchronization is really about making sure that you have extracted from the appropriate sources and that all the data is available (i.e., run through the ETL process and loaded). Data reconciliation and database reconciliation I believe are synonyms. Both have to do with the reconciling the data and measures to the source systems.

Evan Levy's Response: I've sent these terms used interchangeably - here's my use of each.

Data reconciliation is element level checking where each element is valid. This includes matching the source and reflecting an accurate, valid value.

Database reconciliation focuses on the integrity and quality of the entire database or data set. Database reconciliation is a superset of data reconciliation.

We frequently use data reconciliation to address the integrity or accuracy of individual records of data quantities. Database reconciliation is frequently discussed at the completion of a data migration effort where we want to understand if the validity of the entire data set is still intact.

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