Pentaho Moving More Toward Innovation With Data Platform

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November 16, 2010 – Pentaho announced the release of its Enterprise Data Services Suite, a data integration platform that the company and a veteran analyst marked as a new chapter for Pentaho, particularly with its use of Hadoop and cloud services.

Joe Nicholson, vice president of product marketing for the open source business intelligence company, says the suite was put together with goals of smooth data organization on the front end and simplicity for end users. Nicholson says a review of customers earlier this year gave developers the indication that streamlined integration tools are vital throughout a platform, along with the need to develop capabilities for Hadoop to deal with vast data sets, which was the focus of another set of recent company releases.

“Over this year, we focused more than ever in our history on the left-hand side of the white board – data integration and preparation,” Nicholson says. “(W)hat you find when talking to customers is that if you get the data integration piece right, then the BI goes well.”

The suite, which is officially available Tuesday, includes: Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition, an ETL management toolset for data mart and warehouse projects; Cloud Data Services, a software-free service to move data to the cloud; Big Data Services, with Hadoop integration and no programming; Metadata Services through the entire suite; and Analytic Data Services, with wizard-based aggregation tools for large analytical queries.

Ventana Research vice president and analyst David Menninger pointed to the use of Hadoop processing and data storage for ETL and reporting functions as especially unique to the suite. Menninger says the suite includes numerous analytics features like drilling to details and dashboard creation, as well as better integration of metadata.  

The combined package of data integration and cloud products a shift in company strategy “from commoditization to innovation,” he says.

“To date, open source BI has been about commoditizing existing BI capabilities,” says Menninger. “With this release Pentaho breaks new ground by offering innovations to the market around both Hadoop and cloud-related data services.”

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