Organizations Struggle with Data Overloads, Technology Maturity

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Despite all the attention paid to big data and data management, many organizations continue to struggle with getting full value from their data assets. At the recent Strata & Hadoop World conference in New York, Information Management spoke with Joe Goldberg, innovation evangelist at BMC, about what the greatest challenges are.


Information Management: What are the most common themes that you heard from attendees this year?

Joe Goldberg: A large percentage of attendees are still exploring big data and Hadoop technology with the intent to modernize their data management infrastructure. All have existing investment in traditional enterprise data warehouse solutions, and are studying how they can expand or replace those assets to deal with the deluge of data they are anticipating from emerging new sources as well as significant volume growth from existing sources. This trend has been one of the primary drivers we have seen evolving from the very beginning of our involvement in this market over three years ago.


IM: What are the most common data challenges that attendees are facing?

Goldberg: The concerns that attendees have expressed in conversation is the immaturity of the technology. Their current EDW and data management infrastructure has been evolving over many years, and they have concerns about what is already in place. It is difficult to believe that the problems that remain unsolved or only partially solved after years and years can be addressed sufficiently with this new and somewhat immature technology.


IM: What are the most surprising things that you heard?

Goldberg: Most surprising is the level of immaturity that still exists in respect to big data and Hadoop. Considering this market has already been “in flight” for 10 years (Hadoop has turned 10 this year), there is a huge number of large and technically sophisticated organizations who have yet to formulate concrete plans for dealing with the data deluge.


IM: What does your company view as the top data issues or challenges in 2016?

Goldberg: Expanding policies and procedures to absorb new data sources and new technology options together with, not instead of, what already exists.


IM: How do these themes and challenges relate to our company’s market strategy this year?

Goldberg: BMC solutions, especially those included in the big data initiative under our digital enterprise management umbrella, focus on helping customers expand and absorb new processes and new technologies into their enterprise technology fabric. BMC has been delivering market-leading management solutions for years, and we have helped organizations navigate the challenges of dealing with almost constant change. We feel we are well positioned to do the same with big data and Hadoop.

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