Oracle's new Data Management Workbench Cloud Services aids clinical data flow

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Oracle Health Sciences announced Oracle Health Sciences Data Management Workbench Cloud Service, which the company said will lower the cost and increase the traceability of clinical development by streamlining end-to-end clinical data flow across clinical research and development.

Planning and managing clinical trials has become increasingly complex as more data is being generated, collected and analyzed to demonstrate clinical efficacy, ensure successful regulatory approval and ultimately bring more therapies to market faster, Oracle Health Sciences said.

The Data Management Workbench Cloud Service enables pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations to integrate, reconcile and analyze the growing variety and volume of clinical and healthcare data. By automating data flow and standardizing data for review, researchers can near real-time access to insights for clinical trial decision making.

“The volume and complexity of data in healthcare and life sciences has increased on a massive scale as we capture more data from sources such as electronic health records, wearables and genomics,” said Steve Rosenberg, general manager, Oracle Health Sciences.

“Clinical data managers and data scientists are now integrating more of this data into their clinical research and trials to improve the odds of more therapies making it to market and faster,” Rosenberg said. “The industry has been looking for a purpose-built data management solution that supports the clinical data flow from source to submission, with a lightweight, cloud-based solution.”

Oracle Data Management Workbench Cloud Service is pre-integrated with Oracle Health Sciences InForm, allowing two-way, real-time data flow.

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