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OneLogin Provides Search Across Cloud Apps

OneLogin, a provider of identity management technology, has unveiled a product, called Cloud Search, that provides secure, real-time search across public cloud applications such as Box, Google Apps, Salesforce, Yammer and Zendesk.

Historically, enterprise search products have done a good job of ingesting content from on-premise data repositories, the company says, while Google and Bing are well suited for searching the public internet. But searching across siloed cloud applications in real-time presents a different kind of challenge.

OneLogin Cloud Search operates with a sub-second response time, and no indexing is required. The single sign-on technology encourages employees to take immediate action on search insights, the company says. Security is always a top concern with federated search, it says, but Cloud Search is innately tied to an enterprise’s existing security model—so employees only have access to authorized applications and content.

“Employees at cloud-centric enterprises have to navigate a variety of cloud applications every day, yet they are unable to search across these applications with Google-like searchability,” Thomas Pedersen, founder and CEO of OneLogin, said in a statement. Cloud Search provides users “with actionable insights into products, projects and customer issues,” he said.



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