One-third of IT workers plan to change jobs this year

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About one third (32 percent) of IT professionals plan to search for or take an IT job with a new employer in the next 12 months, according to a recent report by Spiceworks, which operates a professional network for IT.

As part of its research, Spiceworks surveyed more than 2,000 IT professionals in North America and Europe in November 2017. Among IT professionals planning to switch jobs, 75 percent are seeking a better salary, 70 percent are looking to advance their skills, and 39 percent want to work for a company that makes IT more of a priority.

The results show that seven percent of IT professionals plan to start working as a consultant, five percent plan to leave the IT industry altogether, and two percent plan to retire in 2018.

In addition, 51 percent of IT professionals expect a raise from their current employer in 2018 while 21 percent also expect a promotion. Twenty-four percent of IT professionals are not expecting any career changes or a raise in 2018.

In general, the survey shows that 70 percent of IT professionals are satisfied with their current jobs, but 63 percent think they’re underpaid. Despite feeling underpaid, IT professionals have a positive outlook on the job market for this year, leading many to search for new opportunities.

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