IBM released this week new software and cloud-based services to help businesses adopt social media. The new products are designed to support the integration of IBM's social networking and analytics technologies into business processes and improve customer experiences.

Among the new products: 

  • A Web-based social networking environment that gives human resource professional a better way to recruit and onboard new employees, while giving employees access to digital media and data in real-time, enabling faster decision making.
  • Software to help marketing departments design advertising campaigns and quickly publish those assets to leading social networks. 

IBM also said the next release of its social networking platform will let users better access and analyze big data from inside and outside the organization.
"Social business has transitioned from being an emerging idea to a fundamental platform that clients everywhere are using to change the way they empower their employees and engage their customers," Alistair Rennie, general manager, social business at IBM, said in a statement.