New Data Warehousing Platforms from Teradata

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April 11, 2011 – Teradata Corporation announced two new data warehousing platforms that provide analytics with options to manage storage performance. Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platforms combine solid state drive and hard disk drive technology with virtual storage that auto-migrates data between drive types.

The Active EDW 6680 has SSD and HDD storage along with Teradata Virtual Storage, which automatically tracks data usage and then migrates it to the appropriate storage type. According to the announcement, the Active EDW 6680 shows up to a 75 percent lower energy cost for the same performance over the previous model along with a 75 percent smaller data center footprint. 6680 has been designed for businesses that need fast performance, according to Teradata’s website.

The Active EDW 6650 utilizes HDD storage and is ready for future upgrade to SSDs and Teradata Virtual Storage. The Active EDW 6650 offers a 25 percent lower energy cost for same capacity over the previous model and a 25 percent smaller data center footprint, the announcement states. Teradata’s website says the 6650 is designed for companies who plan to grow data storage capacity at the same rate as system performance.

“We’re doing it differently in that our solid state devices are integrated into the storage subsystem; they’re not used as memory cache or as nonunique memory access, which means you get consistency of performance,” says Scott Gnau, chief development officer, Teradata.

Gnau adds that because this process is automatic, there’s nothing to deploy.

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