Netezza Acquires Technology From Member IISi

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August 7, 2008 – Netezza Corporation acquired technology from Intelligent Integration Systems, Inc. (IISi), a member of the Netezza Developer Network (NDN) program.


This technology will be delivered through Netezza's global sales and marketing channel and will accelerate the after-market for third-party applications that take advantage of Netezza's "on stream" analytic capability.


IISi was a founding member of the NDN and has a proven track-record in developing software solutions that exploit massively parallel processing (MPP) in data warehousing.


"We have been able to develop advanced algorithms that run inside the Netezza appliance, exploiting Netezza's unique parallel architecture for high performance," said Rich Zimmerman, president and CTO of IISi. "The NDN allows IISi to productize these algorithms and deliver them to the large and growing base of Netezza users."


The technology developed by IISi that Netezza is acquiring includes spatial analytic capabilities and an extended SQL toolkit for Netezza, which adds new SQL functionality to the Netezza platform. Netezza will sell this offering through its global sales operations and partners.


"IISi has created technology solutions that not only have immediate appeal to Netezza customers, but also allow us to expand our reach into the spatial market. This acquisition allows us to seed the market for these third-party applications and will be a catalyst for creating a marketplace of offerings from our NDN members," said Jim Baum, president and COO at Netezza.

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