Most IT pros see infrastructures as above average, but still opt for the cloud

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Most IT professionals give their current IT infrastructures an above-average grade, but only one in four said it’s worthy of an “A,” according to a new report by INAP, a provider of data center and cloud offerings.

In October, the company commissioned Precision Sample to survey 508 IT professionals in the U.S. and Canada with data center, server and cloud infrastructure responsibilities.

When asked why their infrastructure didn’t receive top marks, the top two reasons were that the infrastructure isn’t fully optimized for the organization’s applications, and IT professionals are spending too much time managing and maintaining the infrastructure, both cited by 42 percent.

A majority of organizations with on-premise data centers (88 percent) will be moving at least some of their workloads to the cloud, managed hosting, or colocation in the next three years.

Overall, IT professionals expect a 38 percent reduction in their on-premise workloads by 2022. Where infrastructure is located does have an impact on how IT feels about their systems, with a majority of the respondents (70 percent) saying hybrid and multi-cloud strategies have made management easier to some extent.

With so many organizations migrating their infrastructures, the end of on-premise data centers is likely imminent, the report said. The main reasons for this shift are to increase network performance (42 percent), improve scalability (41 percent), improve resiliency/availability (41 percent) and improve security (37 percent).

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