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Most IT Pros Fear IoT Security Risks, But Do Little In Response

A majority of IT professionals (53%) think wearables are most likely to be the source of a security breach among Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected to their network, according to a study by IT network community Spiceworks.

Wearables were followed by video equipment (50%), physical security (46%) and appliances (45%), notes the report, which was sponsored by Cox Business, a provider of voice, video and data offerings. The survey of 440 IT professionals in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia was conducted in March 2016.

The results show that while nearly 90% of IT professionals think the influx of connected “things” creates security and privacy issues in the workplace, only one third of organizations are actively preparing for the impact IoT could have on their business.

“The Internet of Things includes everything from smart appliances and wearables to industry-specific devices such as connected medical technologies and sensors in server rooms,” said Matt Olan, IT professional at Pharmacare Specialty Pharmacy. “The problem is that many of these devices have little to no security, and in many cases, they’re even more vulnerable to attacks and misuse than your typical PC. We allow certain IoT devices on our network, but security is always taken into account when planning an IoT deployment.”

Since Spiceworks’ 2014 report on IoT, organizations connecting wearables to their network have nearly doubled, increasing from 13% to 24%. IT professionals surveyed this year acknowledged the presence of connected video equipment, electronic peripherals, sensors and appliances has also increased.

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