Most firms want AI in their data security arsenal, but aren't sure why

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A majority of organizations in the U.S. plan to use more artificial intelligence and machine learning in their cyber security tools this year, although many still aren’t sure what the technology really does, according to a new report from security technology provider Webroot.

The company commissioned Branded Research Inc. to survey 400 full-time IT professionals in November and December 2018, and found that 71 percent plan to use more AI/ML in cyber security tools. More than half (58 percent) aren’t sure what that technology actually does.

Although more than one third of organizations (36 percent) experienced a damaging cyber attack within the last year, most (83 percent) are still extremely confident they have all the tools they need to successfully defend themselves against criminals using AI/ML-based threats.

While 71 percent of organizations plan to spend more budget on AI/ML tools in 2019, only 49 percent of IT professionals feel extremely comfortable using these tools, the report said. This shows a clear disconnect and supports the need for further education about the technologies.

A majority of the respondents (86 percent) agree that cybercriminals are also leveraging AI/ML in their attacks.

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