More boards, C-suites getting involved in data protection strategies

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A good indicator that cyber security has become a major priority for organizations is the fact that more boards and C-suites are getting involved in efforts to strengthen data protection. New research from technology services and consulting firm Infosys shows that the trend is continuing.

The firm surveyed 867 senior executives across the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and found that nearly half (48 percent) of corporate boards and 63 percent of business leaders are actively involved in cyber security strategy discussions.

The study showed that organizations are finding it challenging to embed security in their enterprise IT architecture, dealing with a shortage of skilled workforce and unable to keep up with technological advancements.

Among the other key findings: 83 percent of those surveyed view cyber security as critical; more than two thirds have implemented a well-defined enterprise-wide strategy and roadmap; and the top concerns faced by enterprises are hackers and hacktivists (cited by 84 percent), low awareness among employees (cited by 76 percent), insider threats (cited by 75 percent) and corporate espionage (cited by 75 percent).

Nearly two thirds of the organizations surveyed are struggling to build a security-aware culture combined with embedding security into design. To overcome security challenges, more than half of the organizations are focusing on adopting integrated security tools and are working with technology and service integrator partners.

They are also adopting a series of “soft” methods including training/certifications (cited by 61 percent), enablement sessions (cited by 54 percent) and security awareness among employees (cited by 51 percent).

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