Many firms find that scaling automation is a daunting task

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Many organizations are struggling when trying to scale automation initiatives across the enterprise, according to a new report from research and advisory firm Information Services Group.

The ISG study combines results from a worldwide survey of 321 business and technology executives, a session with 40 executives measuring group consensus on the future of automation, insights from ISG advisors, and forecasts from enterprise automation leaders.

ISG found the majority of organizations are only at the beginning stages of deploying robotic process automation (RPA). ISG's maturity curve shows 18 percent are at Bot 0.0 (conducting a proof of concept or pilot), and 58 percent are at Bot 1.0 (some processes automated, with a center of excellence launched). Only 7 percent of the organizations have reached ISG's highest level of maturity, Bot 3.0, having expanded RPA to multiple functions across the enterprise and using cognitive technology along with RPA.

"We see intense interest in [RPA] from enterprises looking to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase speed—all areas critical to competing in an increasingly digital economy," said Stanton Jones, principal analyst at ISG Research and author of the study. "The great news is that it's easy to get started with RPA. Building a few bots to automate repetitive processes is not a major hurdle for organizations. What's difficult is scaling automation across an enterprise."

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