Leading organizations place top emphasis on customer data integration

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Information related to customer activity can come from any number of sources, which is why customer data integration is such an important component of data management today.

CDI involves not only collecting the data from numerous sources, but organizing and analyzing it in such a way that enterprises can easily share it among business users in areas such as sales, marketing and customer support.

Among the sources that produce such data are Web sites, social media, email and interactions with support centers. CDI is a vital component for managing customer relations and experience, because it provides a broad view of customers’ behaviors, preferences, and interests.

In a June 2019 report, research firm International Data Corp. (IDC) said the data integration and integrity (DII) software market continues to be driven by the need for data across operational and strategic decision-making processes.

"We are seeing a trend where best-of-breed data capabilities are being brought together onto unified platforms through acquisitions and/or strategic partnering among DII vendors,” said Stewart Bond, research director, data integration and integrity software research at IDC. “This will result in some market consolidation in the coming years while these investments are also demonstrating growth potential in this market."

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