Lack of cohesive strategies hindering cloud migration efforts

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Countless organizations are in the midst of cloud migrations, intent on reaping potential benefits such as cost savings and greater agility. But doing this without a cohesive strategy could hinder success.

As IT services and consulting firm Accenture noted in a report from earlier this year, a majority of large enterprises are not realizing the full benefits of their cloud migration journeys. They identified security and the complexity of business and operational change as barriers.

Accenture surveyed 200 senior IT professionals from large businesses worldwide for its research. A majority of companies cited achieving some level of their desired cloud outcomes. But only about one third said they have fully achieved their expected outcomes across the four categories of cost (34 percent), speed (36 percent), business enablement (35 percent) and service levels (34 percent).

Consulting firm McKinsey & Company said organizations need to develop a cloud-migration roadmap. It isn’t practical to migrate all applications and data to the cloud at the same time, firm said. Companies need to sequence their migration efforts, ideally front-loading them with applications for which cloud migration can deliver big performance improvements or cost savings.

When considering which applications to move to the cloud, companies should explore a number of issues, the firm said. These include dependencies on other applications; security controls required by applications; services consumed by applications; data required by applications; and the business risks of performing a migration.

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