Interest in artificial intelligence driving up hiring, salaries

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Interest in artificial intelligence appears to be at an all-time high, as this week it was reported that AI professionals are now among the highest paid technology workers, and a separate study confirms that many organizations are adding more jobs as a result of deploying the technology.

The second point is the finding of a new study by commercial data and analytics provider Dun & Bradstreet. The firm surveyed 100 business executives at the AI World Conference and Expo held in December 2018, and 40 percent said their organizations are adding more jobs as a result of deploying AI within their business.

Contrary to concerns of AI being a job killer, only 8 percent of the respondents said their organizations are cutting jobs due to AI implementation, while 34 percent reported that job demand is staying the same.

Among other findings from the survey, 44 percent of businesses are in the process of deploying AI technology, while 20 percent are fully deploying it within their organization. An additional 23 percent are in the planning phase of implementing AI, and only 11 percent are not deploying AI at all.

Nearly half the respondents cited AI “explainability” as an issue in their organizations, with 46 percent saying they have at least some difficulty understanding how their AI systems arrive at their conclusions. Only one third said they fully understand how their AI systems have come to their conclusions.

A lack of internal human expertise and a lack of data are the two greatest hurdles to further implementing AI across organizations in 2019, each cited by 28 percent of the respondents.

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