Information Management's Most Popular Stories of 2009

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The Information Management editorial team spends time each year researching the most important topics to information professionals in order to publish content that is of the highest value to you. Looking back at the most popular stories of 2009, a few key themes emerge: integration, business intelligence (including dashboards, metrics, key performance indicators), master data management and data quality, and analytics. As you review the top 10 stories of 2009, rest assured that these stories are previews of the areas we’ll cover in the New Year as well.

# 10. The Imperative of Analytics by Greg Todd
Accenture’s 2009 survey shows that executives view analytics as key to staying competitive.

# 9. Five Data Quality Management Steps for MDM by Sanjay Kumar
Without DQM, master data management is merely a dump of the data repository, and sans MDM, DQM cannot bring ROI to the organization.

# 8. Seven Myths of Service-Oriented Architecture by Steve Elfanbaum
SOA holds significant benefits for enterprises willing to approach it methodically and carefully - as well as the ones that take the time to understand exactly what it is and what it isn’t.

#7. The Evolution and Future of Business Intelligence by Rob Walker
Discussing the evolution of business intelligence can be confusing due to terminology and ambiguous buzz words.

#6. Top 10 Concerns of CIOs by Mel Duvall
Business productivity and cost reduction are the top concerns facing chief information officers, according to a report by the Society for Information Management.

#5. How to Measure and Monitor the Quality of Master Data by Thomas Ravn and Martin Høedholt
Surprisingly few organizations have a structured approach to measuring the quality of their data.

#4. Five Problems with Social Networking in the Workplace by David Kelleher
The time spent using social networking applications is one reason why many businesses are reluctant to allow employees to use sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn during office hours. Add the time spent on non-work-related browsing, and employers have a point.

#3. Ten Red Hot BI Trends by Don Campbell
Business intelligence is an integral part of the software glue that binds relevant information to intelligent decisions across organizations

#2. Three Dashboards You Can’t Live Without by Michael Brooks
There are many deployments of performance dashboards in an enterprise. Three are mandatory for a business of any size in any industry: cash flow, revenue stream and cost structure.

And the #1 story of 2009:
Beyond ETL and Data Warehousing by Rick Sherman
Data integration suffers from an image problem - it has become synonymous with extract, transform and load.

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