Information Builders analytics platform gets high marks

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WebFOCUS, the business intelligence and analytics platform from Information Builders, has been singled out by the analysts at Nucleus Research for its functionality and usability.

The Information Builders’ software received high marks in the technology researcher’s 2017 Analytics Technology Value Matrix report, which deems it “a mature product with a high degree of functionality, capable of handling large data volumes without sacrificing agility.”

The Nucleus report also notes that a shift is taking place in the BI and analytics market, as companies seek new ways to collect and make use of industry-specific data. This is fueling greater interest in BI adoption and embedded analytics capabilities.

In its WebFOCUS evaluation, Nucleus praises the technology as a comprehensive end-to-end solution backed by responsive vendor support. The report notes that the platform can manage high volumes of data without impacting processing speed and cites its ease of customization.

These characteristics make WebFOCUS well suited for embedded analytics applications that monetize customer data and improve workflow, according to Information Builders.

“Companies are aware of the opportunities that exist in better managing and operationalizing their information, and [have] increased expectations for product performance and versatility,” says Joseph Mathias,a Nucleus research analyst and one of the matrix report authors. “In this environment, Information Builders’ strong customer support, broad functionality and continued innovation differentiate WebFOCUS from other vendors.”

“Across our customer base, Information Builders is seeing an increased interest in embedded analytics and technology for making [Internet of Things] data actionable”, adds Gerald Cohen, Information Builders’ president and CEO. “We believe companies that harness these trends effectively stand to reap substantial benefits in the months and years ahead.”

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