Hybrid cloud preferred but still elusive for most organizations

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A large number of enterprises consider hybrid cloud to be the ideal IT model, but many are still in the early stages of adoption.

That is the finding of a new report by Nutanix Inc., a provider of cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure platforms. The company commissioned research firm Vanson Bourne to survey approximately 2,300 IT global decision makers from multiple industries, and found that while 91 percent said hybrid cloud is the ideal IT model, only 18 percent have that model today.

The findings also revealed that application mobility across any cloud is a top priority for 97 percent of respondents, with 88 percent saying it would solve a lot of their organization’s problems.

IT decision makers ranked matching applications to the right cloud environment as a critical capability of the public cloud, and 35 percent of organizations using public clouds overspent their annual budget.

When asked to rank the primary benefits of hybrid cloud, interoperability between cloud types (23 percent) and the ability to move applications back and forth between clouds (16 percent) outranked cost (6 percent) and security (5 percent) as the primary benefits.

Respondents indicated a need for greater orchestration and application mobility across cloud environments, as they look for flexibility to move applications to the “right” cloud on a more dynamic basis.

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