HP Unifies Information Management Solutions, Services

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April 5, 2011 – HP announced enhancements to its information management solutions and services, an effort one Enterprise Strategy Group analyst says unifies the company’s approach in the marketplace.

New additions to the portfolio include: HP Integrated Archive Platform, with scaling to manage up to 1 petabyte of data per day; HP TRIM Enterprise Records Management, enhanced with multijurisdictional retention automation; HP Database Archiving, integrated with TRIM and connected to data archiving and retirement from legacy systems; and HP Data Protector software with down-to-the-second snapshot recovery for 3Par and other arrays. In addition, the portfolio comes with integrated consulting from HP Information Management Services.

June Manley, HP worldwide product marketing director, says news capabilities for embedded search and backup enable federated access and compliance to information and records management across the portfolio. Manley says that with services to guide integration and deployment, HP is responding to the shift from siloed data to a holistic approach from customers and in findings from a global study it sponsored by U.K.-based agency Coleman Parkes Research.

“What you have is a single policy, when you create information or when you ingest or capture information, that … follows that information regardless of where the data repository is,” Manley says.

ESG analyst Brian Babineau says the services component should provide efficiencies and optimization that go beyond previous solution enhancements from HP. With that, Babineau says HP is establishing its unified information management vision for the first time, and doesn’t leave customers hanging on the company’s plans with vital issues like compliance and IT infrastructure optimization.

“Because these issues are top-of-mind, there are several offerings in the marketplace to try to address them – some of which are complemented with services. HP has to continue to improve integration across the portfolio and ensure customers are aware of the capabilities so they can take advantage of all, not just a few, of them,” Babineau says.  

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