How is Big Data Shaping Enterprise IT Hiring?

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May 14, 2013 – There are nearly 600,000 big data jobs out there, creating a “hyper growth niche” career field that is ramping up demand for analytics officials more than all else, according to IT career resources website icrunchdata.

With numerous estimates on big data-related hiring at approximately 4 million new jobs by 2015, half of which would be in the U.S., icrunchdata published what it’s calling the first industry index specifically attuned to big data jobs. Under six categories connected to big data hiring, icrunchdata estimated there to be 598,510 jobs, according to information the firm has pulled together from various job posting sites and divided using a proprietary algorithm that’s scrubbed and deduplicated nightly. 

Dwarfing the rest of the big data job categories were careers under “analytics,” which icrunchdata put at 220,767 of the total big data jobs. Each sector isn’t broken down by specific roles, though icrunchdata spokesman Todd Nevins says the analytics category “leads the way” in that it touches jobs directly related to all forms of data.

As the second largest segment, icrunchdata estimated 127,329 available “big data jobs,” or those specifically stated to deal with the demands of data volume and variety. Data scientist and similar career titles represented 82,444 of the big data jobs and software development took up more than 78,000. Filling out the fields were “statistics jobs” (60,430) and BI jobs (28,900).

How this projected hiring is related to enterprise pioneers on big data has yet to be seen. But Nevins says the interest level in hiring is far surpassing the small pool of big data use cases.

“The hype is through the roof, but I'm not sure when it will turn,” he says. “We aren't seeing any signs of a slow down on our side from companies recruiting big data talent due to the massive opportunities in their data. We don't expect to see any pull back in the foreseeable future as long as the ROI continues to exceed the expense of finding, recruiting and retaining big data talent.”

Last month, the IT career site had estimated that requests for jobs with some range of skills tied to big data had increased 63 percent since mid-2012.

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