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Hiring outlook brisk for developers, analysts and security pros

It pays to work as a computer systems or IT security analyst or as a software developer – literally.

A new study out from CareerCast reports that those three job occupations have hiring outlooks of 21 percent, 18 percent and 17 percent respectively – meaning that that many organizations are looking for skilled professionals in those roles.

Medium salaries for the three jobs aren’t bad either. Software developers, on average, are pulling in $102,280 this year. That’s up from $92,820 in 2013.

top paying it jobs.jpg
Servers and hard drives stand inside pod one of International Business Machines Corp.'s (IBM) Softlayer data center in Dallas, Texas, U.S., on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014. IBM is scheduled to release earnings figures on Jan. 21. Photographer: Ben Torres/Bloomberg

Information security analysts are earning $92,600 this year, up from $88,590 in 2013. And computer systems analysts are earning $87,220 median salaries, up from $79,145 in 2013.

But don’t be too quick to assume that high demand for a particular job means a top level salary. They don’t always relate.

“High salary growth rate and overall highest paying jobs are not necessarily one and the same,” CareerCast online content editor Kyle Kensing said in the study. “Careers with high entry-point wages do not necessarily grow considerably from median to upper wage earning levels.”

For IT professionals wanting to bump up an existing wage level, the best way to do that is to prove your worth to the organization by pointing to projects or tasks you have been involved with that increase business efficiency and profitability or decrease costs.

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