Hadoop and Open Source BI

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October 12, 2010 – Open source business intelligence provider Pentaho Corporation is harnessing the big data handling abilities of Hadoop for consumption in the commercial BI market.

At Hadoop World in New York City, Pentaho announced the download availability of Hadoop-oriented solutions for BI and data integration that it expects will lower the learning curve for users and put them in contact with experienced technical staff.

The first release, Pentaho Data Integration for Hadoop, is a zero-programming, graphical design environment that enables the movement of information in and out of Hadoop, lets developers design and execute massively scalable ETL jobs, and coordinates Hadoop tasks with existing workflows, according to a news release.

Pentaho BI Suite for Hadoop, which includes the data integration platform, allows users to run production, operational and batch reporting against the full set of data in Hadoop as well as create data marts.

Both releases were the result of a beta program that involved both Pentaho community members and commercial customers, the company stated.

Richard Daley, founder and CEO of Pentaho Corporation, said in a news release that he expects the new releases to increase the overall use and success of Hadoop to handle large-scale data analysis.

“The need for big data technology like Hadoop is clear, present and expanding but there are some barriers to widespread adoption,” Daley said in the news release.

Along with the BI Hadoop products, Pentaho stated that it contributed improvements to Hadoop open source projects like Apache HIVE and VFW.

In releases from the conference, the Florida-based company also announced separate partnerships with Amazon and Cloudera related to the new Hadoop products, and a separate software development agreement with Impetus Technologies.

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