Global mobile users to surpass 5.5B by 2022

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The number of mobile users around the world will surpass 5.5 billion by 2022, according to Forrester Research. This number is nearly double the amount of mobile users in 2008, then estimated to be 2.8 billion.

Of the 5.5 billion mobile users, nearly 3.8 billion will be smartphone owners, which makes up nearly 70 percent of the total mobile market, the research firm says. This increase in global mobile penetration will see the majority of its growth come from Asia Pacific and Latin America due to the emergence of low-cost smartphones. North America and Europe remain the areas with the highest penetration of mobile subscribers.

Another key finding from Forrester’s research pertaining to smartphones is that Android and iOS make up 94 percent of the mobile operating system market. The low cost of Android phones in China have allowed them to maintain its position as the leader in the market, followed closely by iOS.

Android captures 73 percent of the total smartphone market, making it the world’s most dominant operating system for smartphones. The researchers at Forrester expect them to maintain that lead in 2017 with a 74 percent market share, followed by Apple (21 percent), and Windows Phone (4 percent).

Forrester noted that large smartphones are also taking a bit out of the sale of tablets, leading to a 15 percent decline in sales in 2016. The tablet market is expected to decline at a CAGR of 1.1 percent by 2022.

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