Firms tapping the cloud to enable use of new technologies

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With cloud computing firmly entrenched in current IT operations, organizations are turning their attention to optimized architectures and using the cloud as an enabler for new and emerging technologies, according to a new report from technology industry association CompTIA.

The organization surveyed more than 500 U.S. businesses and found that 91 percent are using cloud computing in some form. Three-quarters of the respondents have between one and five years of experience with cloud solutions, and 60 percent have more than 40 percent of their IT architecture in the cloud.

A majority of companies (83 percent) have performed some type of secondary cloud migration. Most of these migrations involved a move of either infrastructure or applications to a second cloud provider; done to take advantage of better offerings and features (44 percent of migrating firms), better security (41 percent), lower costs (37 percent), or more open standards (35 percent).

A majority of the organizations (81 percent) said the cloud has enhanced their efforts around automation.

Half the organizations surveyed said they rely on a mix of cloud vendors and third parties for their cloud services. About 40 percent primarily work directly with cloud vendors.

“At the same time that the percentage of cloud-based IT architecture is approaching critical mass, we’re seeing rising interest in cutting-edge trends that are largely driven by cloud computing,” said Seth Robinson, CompTIA’s senior director for technology analysis.

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