Analytics may hold key to overcoming digital disruption

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Organizations that leverage intelligent operations and technology such as predictive analytics to make decisions and act in real-time will be best placed to thrive in the future, according to a new report from research firm HfS Research and professional services firm Accenture.

Based on a survey of 460 Accenture enterprise clients worldwide, the study found that organizations that harness the combination of innovative talent, diverse data, and applied intelligence will be in the best position to overcome digital disruption and use data-driven insights to improve business outcomes and customer experience.

The move to intelligent operations is becoming a make-or-break proposition for organizations, with 80 percent saying they are concerned with disruption and competitive threats.

The report shows that most organizations are currently unable to make data-driven decisions due to a paucity of skills and technology to process data. In nearly 80 percent of respondent organizations, 50 percent to 90 percent of data is reported as unstructured and largely inaccessible.

“To win in today’s market and ensure future viability, it is essential that organizations capture value quickly, change direction at pace, and shape and deliver new products and services,” said Debbie Polishook, group chief executive, Accenture Operations. “Organization also need to maximize the use of ‘always on’ intelligence to sense, predict and act on changing customer and market developments.”

One of the essential components of intelligent operations is applied intelligence, the report said. That includes using integrated automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions.

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