Finding the Dollars in Big Data

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September 10, 2012 – GoodData, a service provider of cloud-based analytics to customers and through partners today released “Bashes,” mashups of reports, apps and KPIs for revenue insight into sales, marketing and subscription campaigns.

The company calls Bashes “monetization solutions,” meaning they are meant to reveal insights in pipelines and campaigns through dashboards and displays that are partially preconfigured and come with best practice advice.

GoodData’s release talks about “big data,” as do most software and service releases, but the mashups and dashboards are adaptable for any data source and the company offers connecters for services including Salesforce, Eloqua and social media sites. CEO Roman Stanek says the release is meant to introduce customers to the kinds of services GoodData provides, which run horizontally between what he calls the complexity and ineffectiveness of old BI platforms - and the gathering glut of information that is “big data” - all of which remain in the hands of IT.

“We cannot sell a platform to business, we can only sell solutions to people with a business problem, so we packaged a good sales template for salespeople, a good marketing version, a subscription version almost like apps for mobile.” Instead of tables and cubes, the visualizations, benchmarks and KPIs “elevate the discussion to the outcomes and how we can measure,” Stanek says.

The business still needs to agree on metrics and definitions, the unspoken cultural challenge and more difficult part good reporting analytics. For that reason, the mashups are only semiconfigured with some guidelines and best practices to leave the policy and governance to the business.

“Customers love work that’s been started though it’s not just going to answer all the questions,” says John Hagerty, an analyst with Gartner Inc. “There has to be recognition on the business side that these things need either to be tweaked and worked on to be most useful. The same thing applies to apps from Oracle or anyone else.”

Prebuilt analytic applications where users can determine the “hot buttons” are arriving and more will arrive from every business intelligence and tool vendor, Hagerty says.

As a software as a service proivider, Stanek hopes the templates will provide constructive examples of cloud BI and business services that will be reused by partners selling their own services to customers.

GoodData’s release coincides with the convention Dreamforce3 opening next week in San Francisco.

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