FedEx Unveils 'Green' Data Center

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FedEx took the wraps off a new data center in Colorado Springs, Colo., which it says will be among the most reliable and energy efficient data centers in the country.

Work will now begin to move core systems and applications from an older Customer Technology Center in Memphis, Tenn., over to the new facility.

FedEx says the so-called Enterprise Data Center-West (EDC-W) is equipped with multiple redundancies to ensure reliable operations. The building is connected to two separate utility sub-stations and can easily be switched from one to the other in the event of a power outage. The data center is also equipped with nearly 2,000 batteries, which can keep the facility running for a sufficient period of time at full load, while eight onsite generators have time to power up.

“The EDC-W represents a major milestone in our strategy to leverage advanced technologies for the benefit of our customers and to position FedEx for future growth,” Kevin Humphries, the company’s senior vice president of information technology, said in a statement. “We now have a technology model that, going forward, will improve productivity, enhance reliability and help reduce our impact on the environment.”

FedEx says the facility was constructed with a variety of energy efficient innovations. For example, variable frequency drives, used by the data center’s mechanical systems, can fine tune the amount of power consumed according to the level of demand. The facility also takes advantage of the cooler Colorado Springs climate and low humidity, which it says can contribute about 5,000 hours of “free cooling” during a normal year.

The EDC-W has a power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.28, while an average data center has a PUE rating of about 2.5. A ratio of 1.0 would indicate perfect efficiency.




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