Evaluating Hadoop's Vertical Market, Big Data Momentum

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Large, midsize and webscale businesses are describing their latest big data and analytics projects at this week's Hadoop Summit in San Jose. True believers include Aetna, AirBnB, Fidelity Investments, Home Depot, TrueCar and Uber, just to name a few. But just how big is the Hadoop wave -- and what other milestones will Hadoop Summit deliver this week? Here are the updates.

In a podcast interview, Hortonworks VP of Corporate Strategy Shaun Connolly describes how Hadoop is moving along the technology adoption curve -- especially as businesses seek to modernize their approach to analytics. Although some pundits expressed concern about a recent Gartner market forecast for Hadoop, Connolly says the Gartner figures actually show Hadoop moving nicely along that adoption curve.

What's driving that adoption? There are three prime reasons for businesses to embrace Hadoop -- from distributed processing power to scalability and flexibility -- according to Matt Magne, global principal marketing manager for data management at SAS.

With those three areas in mind, Information Management is set to meet with a range of Hadoop adopters later this week -- exploring how each business or organization leverages the open source-based grid storage technology. We'll also strive to describe key deployment challenges, if any, that customers faced. (Stay tuned for article updates through June 12, 2015.)

Hadoop Milestones

Meanwhile, technology companies are making a range of announcements at the conference -- or timing announcements elsewhere to generate buzz on the show floor. The chatter so far has include:

Cloudera hired Google cloud veteran Daniel Sturman as VP of engineering.

Hortonworks discussed Data Platform 2.3, which has security and data governance enhancements to help the platform serve healthcare, financial services, insurance and other vertical markets. Also, Saama and Hortonworks are partnering to target the insurance vertical.

Pentaho, now a Hitachi Data Systems company, announced version 5.4 of its platform now integrates with Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) and SAP HANA.

MapR Technologies announced version 5.0 of its platform, focusing heavily on Hadoop security, self-service and real-time application support. Also, new auto-provisioning templates could speed cluster deployments.

Simba Technologies Inc. introduced an ODBC driver for Apache Drill v1.0 -- a low-latency SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop and NoSQL data. The company also continues to work closely with MapR.

Information Management will update this article from time to time through June 12, 2015 with additional Hadoop Summit San Jose 2015 announcements and milestones.

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